What’s in a name? From a popular brand to a fashion trend

The term “chicano” comes from the Mexican city of Chiapas, and it is used to describe a group of people who identify as Mexican-American, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The name came from a Spanish word that means “white,” and the word is often used to refer to a group with a history of discrimination.

But in Mexico, it is a term for all Mexican-Americans, which is why the group of Hispanics, known as chiligros, was named the Chicano Chicano.

This group of Hispanic Americans are known for wearing traditional Mexican attire, such as traditional chihuahuas, traditional Mexican clothing, and traditional Mexican-made products.

In the U.S., the term “Chicano Chicana” refers to all Chicano Americans, not just those who identify with Mexican-Hispanic heritage.

The Chicano name has been used to name a range of clothing styles and apparel.

Many of the popular brands that are chiligs have used the name.

The term is also used to reference the group’s cultural identity and their contributions to Mexican- American society.

The word has been on the U of M’s official school year uniform since at least 2008.

The school began using the name in the 2010-11 school year and has used it ever since.

A 2010 memo from the school’s board of governors states that the term was named for the Mexican-born American poet, educator, and author Juan Manuel Márquez.

According to The Daily Californian, Mártiz, whose name means “The Son of the Earth,” was a prominent figure in Chicano culture, particularly in Mexico.

In an interview with the newspaper, Más said he first heard about the term from a classmate who was a graduate student in the 1970s.

“I remember thinking it was so ridiculous that they would have to make a name for someone they didn’t even know,” Más told the newspaper.

Márezes death in 2015 sparked a national debate over the name, with some calling for it to be changed to reflect the importance of his work and legacy.

In 2016, the Los Angeles Times reported that the school would change the name to reflect Márniz’s contribution to Chicano cultural and political life.

Más was among those who opposed the name change.

In 2015, he told The Daily News that he had been approached by some of his former students about changing the name and said he was “in denial about it.”

Máruso, however, said in an interview that he would support the school changing the term to reflect his contribution to Mexican culture.

He said that the name was named after him and that he did not change it because he thought it was disrespectful to his legacy.

The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters’ Office confirmed the change to the paper.

“The name has come into being to reflect this important role that Juan Manuel has played in Mexican American life,” Registrar of Elections Scott Womack said in a statement.

“He was a poet, a teacher, and an artist.

He was also a leader in the Chicana community and in the Latino community in Southern California.”

Más, who was born in Mexico City and came to the U., said he believes his contribution was more important than the change.

“In the end, the Mexican community and the Chicas were in solidarity,” Márso said.

“We were one family.”

MRT News contributed to this report.

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