Chola style clothes trending

The UK fashion market is booming as the popularity of chola style has soared, with online stores offering a variety of styles, including some with a ‘cholayo’ (chola) twist.

Read moreChola style is a broad term for clothing made from cotton, wool and rayon, and has come a long way since its origins as a traditional clothing style.

It is one of the oldest clothing styles in the world, dating back to around 300 BC, and the trend has spread rapidly, with stores now offering chola styles for women and men.

A chola is a pattern of cotton, rayon or linen woven into a fabric, often with a cholay (a Chinese word meaning ‘hair’) attached.

This style is very versatile and often has different combinations of colours and patterns depending on where it is worn, with a variety available in colours such as yellow, pink, brown, blue, green and red.

Some of the most popular styles include the traditional chola dresses, with their white sleeves, long sleeves and sleeves of various colours, or the cropped chola coats, with shorter sleeves and a long, pleated coat.

Read MoreRead MoreHowever, chola fashion has also found a niche among the younger generation of fashionistas, with the fashion trend attracting younger generations to the UK.

The Chola trend has seen an influx of interest and has gained a reputation for its versatility and creativity, as evidenced by the trend-spotting websites and

Achilles, who runs the Chola Style clothing site, said the growing popularity of the style was a testament to the creativity of cholas, who have a huge influence on the fashion industry.

“The younger generations are really looking for a chola, so they want a look that fits into their style and is not too complicated,” he said.

“It is also fun, and it’s fun to wear because it’s just a bit different from the norm.

They can wear it in a more formal way than traditional cholas and can wear the chola as a summer or autumn look, too.”

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