How does the Mafia dress?

We don’t know for sure how the mafia dress, but we do know that the dress worn by the mafia is very different to the clothes worn by ordinary people.

We know the look because the dressers at the top of the pyramid have a big red “M” on the left-hand side.

The red represents the mafia’s status.

The lower-left side is for the rank and file.

What do we know about the dress of the mafia?

The main reason is that the top ranks wear the same clothes as the rank-and-file.

But they also wear red and black, and white is a very important colour in the organisation.

There are also the red and blue jackets and pants of the lower-ranking people.

It is not surprising that the mobsters wear white shirts and blue pants.

It makes them look more like a military unit than a gang of robbers. 

The dress of a member of the mob is more elaborate.

The uniform is made of cotton, and the members have special clothes of their own design. 

For example, some of the members wear a black jacket, and others have a red one, white pants, black shoes and a red bandanna.

They also wear a very short red scarf, which is usually placed around their neck.

The scarf has an important function.

It gives a certain sense of power to the mobster.

He can keep his scarf hidden, so he can look more dangerous and more intimidating.

But if he puts it on too long, it will become an easily identifiable mark. 

It is also important to remember that, although the mafia does not use uniforms, there are many ways of disguising one’s face.

The main one is the fake beard.

It resembles the facial hair of a real person.

A member of a mob can also wear fake eyelashes, fake eyelid rings and other disguises. 

When a mobster is wearing a black hat, his face is obscured by the hat.

He has to wear a long, black coat that is decorated with red paint.

A lot of the mafiosi are dressed in black because of this.

In the old days, they also wore red shirts and black pants. 

Another important part of the look of the Mafia is the colour of their suits.

It has become an important part because the colour is used to differentiate the mob from other criminal groups.

The mobsters who wear suits are not only famous for their brutality, but also for their style.

A mobster’s suit is made from leather and fur.

It covers his body with leather.

He usually wears a white shirt and black trousers. 

Some of the famous mobsters also wear gold chains, as well as other gold jewellery. 

A lot of people are attracted to the look and the personality of the crime boss, and they look for him to be a leader.

In order to attract their attention, the mob also buys him expensive clothes.

He wears a black suit with a gold collar, and he wears gold shoes. 

Mafia style clothing Some other features of the style of the hoodlums are also unique.

They wear the hoods of the black hats on their shoulders, and some of them also wear the long coats of the gangster. 

As a rule, the hood of the leader of a gang wears a special black cloak.

Some of the men of the group wear white robes and some wear a white robe.

Some also wear long black gloves.

Some hoodlum wear a special red mask, which has a red visor, and other hoodlump wear white masks with a red face. 

There are also different ways of dressing the mob.

Some mobsters prefer to wear black clothes, which make them look as if they are members of a criminal gang.

Other hoodlumps prefer to dress in the black uniform of the old times. 

Other members wear suits that cover their entire bodies.

The gangster, for example, wears a suit made of black leather and black leather.

A hoodlumped member of this group also wears a red hood. 

Most hoodlumping members of the street gangs wear a different style of hoodliding.

They use a very heavy, thick black hood.

The hoodlunk is usually wearing a large black cap with a white lining. 

Sometimes, hoodlutks wear a suit of red cloth, which gives a more dramatic effect. 

In addition, hoodlammers also dress in a number of other styles of black.

They can also choose to wear suits of black wool, which give a much more modern look. 

But most hoodlummys also wear black trousers and white shirts.

They don’t wear gloves, but they do wear a leather belt.

They usually wear red shoes and black hats. 

These hoodlouts have a special special characteristic.

They do not wear masks.

When a hoodlook does wear a mask, the mask is a simple white band around his neck. 

Black hats are very popular among hood

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