The best clothing style from the ’90s and ’00s

The first decade of the 21st century was a golden age for style.

From the designer jeans and t-shirts to the denim and sweatshirts, the ’80s and early ’90ers were all about style.

But that golden age ended in the last decade, and it’s time to look back at the best trends from the decade.

Here are the best styles of the last century:The first decadeThe first half of the 20th century was defined by the rise of fashion in America, a time when many people looked back to the golden era of 1960s Americana for inspiration.

The first ’60s lookThe 1960s are often seen as a time of Americana, but they were also a time in which many other cultures, like the Japanese, were embraced.

One of the most iconic pieces of American clothing in the 1960s was the white and blue sweater.

The iconic sweater was a fashion statement and a fashion symbol, with its long, white sleeves and short, black buttons.

But in the early 1960s, the trend wasn’t just about the colors and shapes of the sweater.

It was about the fact that it was a symbol of rebellion.

The first modern trendsThe first fashion trend was a sort of cultural revolution.

It was the turn of the decade when many of us in the ’70s were beginning to see fashion as a means of self-expression and liberation.

There was a feeling that it could be worn by anyone, even if they were gay, black, or from the inner city.

And this felt like a moment in time for fashion.

The trend was also about social acceptance, as people started to wear more casual clothes, like button-up shirts, slacks, and T-shirts.

But there was also an anti-fashion feeling to it, as well.

In the ’50s, a trend started in the U.K. and England.

It started in fashion magazines, where it was often a man’s fashion statement.

The men wore their suits and ties, while women wore jeans and skirts.

For the next five decades, men wore suits and shirts.

But it wasn’t until the 1970s that the trend became mainstream.

Women’s fashionThe second half of a decade saw a rise in the number of women’s fashion.

But in the first half, women wore suits, dresses, and heels.

This was a time where we saw the first signs of the AIDS pandemic.

There were a lot of changes for women’s clothing in this decade, as a number of factors, including the birth control pill, meant that women were starting to wear the same things as men.

But the biggest change was the rise in mass-produced designer clothes.

Fashion was also on the rise, as the fashion industry was starting to take off.

But with the popularity of the new style of clothing, many of the classic styles were beginning their final, golden years.

A fashion statementThe fashion statement was a statement of rebellion, but it also came with the possibility of getting dressed up and feeling cool.

The ’80 to ’90’s were the years when the fashion world took off.

They were a time for people to wear their clothes to work and to social events, and that was an exciting time for designers and designers of all shapes and sizes.

But we also saw the rise and fall of the fashion-forward, modern style.

In the first decade, a number in the fashion community came to terms with a new trend: the grunge, or punk, style.

Gruesome clothing was something new to many people, as they didn’t think that they would be rocking out in a dress all day and night.

Instead, they would get together for a show and a beer or two.

“Gruen” and “punks” were two of the first words to appear in a new magazine article.

This article appeared in The New York Times on March 24, 1990, titled, “Grueno Style: ‘Dirty, Scary, and Crazy.'”

It was a brand of rebellious youth that was taking off in America in the mid-to-late ’80-90s.

They wore grunge-inspired clothing and played loud music at parties, like in the song “Bad Girls.”

But they also wore jeans, tank tops, and button-ups.

They would also dance at shows, like when they wore the band “Nirvana” in their “Bad Girl” video.

It was hard to pin down the exact origin of this new style.

It had roots in a punk movement, where bands such as the Clash and the Ramones were making a name for themselves in the 1980s.

But many people in the punk scene thought that the grungy clothing would become the norm and the fashion for the next decade.

The fashion revolution in America began in earnest in the second half.

The first wave of grunge bands began appearing in bands

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