Why we need a ‘big tent’ to tackle rising sea levels

By TOM GAUCHER/ReutersA large swath of the world’s oceans is covered by a new layer of water, a new study says.

A new paper from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says that as oceans heat up and sea levels rise, a big tent may be needed to protect the environment.

The report found that ocean water can act as a barrier between the atmosphere and the ocean surface and can help protect areas from erosion and climate change.

The authors of the paper said the findings were significant, given the potential for an even greater impact of rising ocean temperatures and sea level rise on human health.

“The oceans play an important role in climate change,” said co-author Dr James Bovaird, from NOAA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a statement.

“This is because the oceans provide a great deal of water for our planet’s surface and a great part of its life-support system, but it also plays an important ecological role.”

By itself, ocean water is not enough to keep Earth safe.

The oceans are also a key source of nutrients and water vapour for the planet, which in turn help support the life on Earth.

“The paper, published in the journal Science Advances, found that sea levels are rising faster than anywhere else on the planet and the effects are likely to continue to intensify as climate change accelerates.

It found that as ocean water heats up, it acts as a buffer against ocean erosion and floods.

This allows a greater amount of the ocean to sink into the depths of the sea.

The research team found that in areas of the globe that are already covered by the new sea level, more than half of the water in the ocean becomes an obstacle to coastal erosion.

The new paper found that the rate of sea level change is speeding up.

It said that the oceans are now covering a third of the planet’s land area and this could lead to more severe coastal flooding.

The researchers also found that global land areas are growing more densely, so that land masses that are once small and sparse may be growing much denser.

The paper said that coastal communities could experience more flooding, particularly in areas where they are vulnerable to sea level rises.

But this is likely to be limited because the new research suggests that in the future, the oceans will have to expand.

The study said there were two types of barriers: coastal wetlands and coastal floodplain.

While these wetlands have a much smaller footprint than the oceans, they have an important function, because they are able to absorb large amounts of water.”

We think that this barrier may also help to protect coastal communities from rising sea level,” said the authors.”

If a coastal wetlands is not maintained, it may also slow the rate and magnitude of coastal flooding.

“The new research also found a potential link between the growth of wetlands and the rapid rise of sea levels.

It was also possible that coastal floodplains may not be able to withstand the growth that is happening.

The oceans are warming and the increase in water that comes from the melting of glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets is accelerating.”

As the world warms, we may find that we need to expand coastal wetlands to help absorb additional water,” said Bovard.”

Such an expansion would also increase the likelihood that we will see more intense coastal flooding and erosion.

“The authors said this would mean that the seas around the world will be able move more quickly.

The team said it was looking forward to finding out more about the effects of sea-level rise on coastal cities.

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