New dress codes to come for 2020: Al Jazeera

A number of major retailers have started implementing new dress codes, to combat rising crime and social unrest.

Radioshack, the UK’s biggest online retailer, has introduced a new dress code which will go into effect from Tuesday.

It is designed to reduce the amount of clothing that retailers can sell to the public by 50 per cent and it will also give retailers more flexibility in how they sell their clothing.

Read moreThe US retailer Gap has also introduced a dress code to combat increasing social unrest, with it limiting sales to 10 per cent of the average size and cutting clothing sizes by half from six sizes to three.

In France, where social unrest has been growing in recent years, retailers have announced that they will cut clothing sizes from 16 to 10.

In the UK, Target has announced that it will cut sales by 50% and its online clothing store will also limit sales to five per cent.

More from Al Jazeera:Radioshack is the UK arm of German retailer Gap.

The company said that they had been forced to introduce their dress code due to the growing number of thefts of garments, especially from men.

“We had to introduce our dress code because of the increased theft of clothing from men and the growing level of social unrest,” the company said.

Gap said that it would be introducing similar changes in other stores to tackle the increasing amount of social discontent.

“The increase in social unrest is a real and growing threat,” Gap CEO Andrew Puzder said in a statement.GAP’s new dress-code has been welcomed by some retailers, as they said that the increased social unrest could be a reason for the increase in thefts.

“Gap’s move is a smart one, which helps keep customers happy while they shop,” the UK retailer H&M said.

“It has also brought some much-needed clarity to our business, and we are delighted that we are now able to put in place similar policies at our stores.”

RadiOSHack said that in a recent survey of their staff, over 90 per cent felt that they were more concerned about social unrest than crime.

“This is a clear signal to retailers that they need to step up and adopt policies that are not just a way of keeping customers happy, but also to deter and prevent crime,” the retailer said.

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